Pahrump Valley Times: Auto Plaza Gets a Facelift

April 3, 2013

Anyone driving past Pahrump Valley Auto Plaza on Charleston Park Road might wonder if the building is going up or coming down. The truth is it’s getting a heavy-duty facelift compliments of General Motors.


General Manager Sheldon Feddy said, “We’re excited about the new look.” He said GM wanted all its dealerships to look alike. “It’s kind of like McDonald’s,” Feddy said. “All of them look alike, have the same sign and color palette.”


Right now, Feddy said the area is a mess. “There are no windows and the floors are missing the tile.”


Although most of the changes are external, Feddy said the dealership is getting new windows, new flooring, new paint and new lighting. There will be no change in square footage.


Pahrump Valley Auto Plaza opened in 2004 and since then, nothing about it has changed.


Feddy said, “We’ve always had world-class cars, now we’ll have a world-class facility to bring them to.”


He said the dealership is providing the initial cash outlay for the construction but GM will reimburse them upon completion.


“The exterior of the building will be white anodized steel. It will really look nice,” Feddy said. “I think this commitment from GM is an investment in this dealership and an investment and commitment to the community.”


Construction is expected to be completed by the end of June.


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